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Dream Art Salon was born in 2015. We are specialized in hairdressing (haircut / coloring / haistyle), cosmetics (epilation / facial treatments) and manicure (Classic Manicure / Gel Manicure / Semi-Manicure Manicure / Pedicure)

We have low prices, high quality products, impeccable service! What could you want more?

Dream Art Salon is the place where you pamper yourself and feel at home. The place where you are welcomed with a smile and a coffee on the house as between friends! The place where professionals, care about  your wishes, listen to you, advise you and offer you the desired result, be it hairdresser, manicure or cosmetic!We always guarantee the quality of our services at more than affordable prices! We really put our hearts and passion in what we do, so the results are always as you expect.
You are welcomed!

Dream Art Salon

Why are there so many salons on the market? Because today, unfortunately, appearances matter VERY much, and we are trying to adapt to expectations. The first impression counts most, the world judges by appearance, how you look, what u wear,etc.Personally I think it’s a big stupid thing! A woman should take care of  herself and mentain beautiful for herself, so she can feel good in her skin and be confident! A beautiful woman is a happy woman.Because if you   do not feel good in your skin,you will start feel the frustrations and  complexes. What we have different from the hundreds of salons ?First of all ,dedication and passion .Most of the salons in Romania work unfortunately on the principle of quantity not quality.A lot and expensive if is possible!They want lots of clients,they have huge expensive prices but their work is not worth the price unfortunatelly.We dedicate ourselves to every client individual because we really put passion in what we do and I think it can be seen in our quality work. I ,personally LOVE my job, hairstyling has always been my great love and I think that’s obvious, and I’m surrounded by people who put as much passion in what they do, whether it’s hairdressing, manicure or cosmetics .Plus, we have more than affordable prices. We think we are different and we really deserve a chance! Take a look at our work and give your opinion! We are very excited to welcome you in our home:) You will not leave disappointed!

Lumi – Manager and Hairstylist

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