Alfaparf Milano

Alfaparf has 30 years of professional beauty care business. Alfaparf Milano is a leader in the hairdressing industry and the leading brand of the ALFAPARF Group, an Italian multinational company specializing in professional hair and body care products and solutions. The Alfaparf Group has over 300,000 professional clients worldwide, 2 high-tech international research laboratories with a very high technological standard, 5 strategically positioned manufacturing factories (2 in Italy, 1 Brazil, 1 Mexico, 1 China), 38 dedicated international academies technical training of stylists, 23 Branches and distribution in over 80 countries worldwide. The products and services are the result of research and collaboration with renowned stylists and international beauty centers, technological knowledge, good knowledge of the market and meeting the demands of professional clients.

Lisse Design Keratin Therapy

Are you addicted to the hair Straightener? The frequent use of the hair straightener gradually damages hair and the disastrous and irreversible results can be noticed shortly.
Do not destroy your hair! Try the innovative hair straightening treatment with keratin for straight, glossy and silky hair! Effects last up to one year !All you have to do after each hair wash is to dry your hair and Your hair will be perfectly straight,
washing after washing, day after day, for almost a year! This high-quality Italian product contains pure keratin, the substance found naturally in our hair, so it regenerates the hair abused by colouring, leaving it smooth and silky.
This treatment is different from the classic semi-permanent hair stretching treatment that sensitizes and destroys the hair.It is the only stretch treatment that does not affect the hair but, on the contrary, brings it back to life! Give your hair the luxury it deserves! Save time! Keep your hair healthy!


Best price!!!
Short hair-250 lei
Medium hair-380 lei
Long hair-580 lei

                                          Alfaparf High Lift

Powder with high fading power, opens up to 9 tones.
The special formula contains very small keratin peptides that fill the loose areas and protects the hair structure. It allows the discoloration to a high level without damaging the hair!

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