Salonul meu in Bucuresti

First of all, to be honest, we live in a society where physical appearance is very important, and our mood and confidence in ourselves is often influenced by the way we look.
It is very important for every woman to feel good in her skin. Almost 70% of women say they feel more attractive after having their hair dyed. Trying something new can often help to increase the level of confidence and the lack of a sense of well-being itself.
For a special occasion or why not, an ordinary day in which you just feel the need for a bit of pampering, visiting a beauty salon can make you feel like a million dollars!
Whether you’re getting a new color, a different haircut or a more bold manicure than usual at the end of your salon visit, you’ll definitely feel more beautiful, more attractive, and self-confidence will grow!
Visiting a beauty salon can also be an escape from daily stressful life. Did you notice, for example, how relaxing it is to wash your hair at a salon? Or how wonderful you feel with fresh hair , impeccable manicure or after facial treatment?
Also, let’s not forget how important it is when you want a radical change in hair color, letting professionals deal with it.Bleaching hair at home using poor quality products is extremely dangerous. You risk to damage your hair badly . Is it worth the risk?
Also,It’s a false idea that by painting your hair at home you save money! On the contrary, if your hair is badly damaged, in an attempt to improve it, you will spend a lot more money on all the’magical’ products that promise the health of your hair but they do nothing but make it look good for the moment, damaging it in depth, making you addicted to that product!
About the fact that the color will never go out as promising commercial hair dye,there is no point to talk ,because we all know that!
A good hair stylist keeps his “ear on the street” when it comes to fresh styles. By accessing the beauty salon, you can get the style you’ve seen in your favorite magazine or your favorite TV show without damaging your hair. When you make a reservation at the hair salon, choose professionals who offer exceptional customer service.