Wella Professionals

For more than 135 years, Wella Professionals has evolved and thrived, working closely with hairdressers and stylists. What began with the passion of a single stylist is now present in over 4 million professional salons around the world and the customers of these salons benefit from the full range of results everywhere in the world. It all started from a stylist’s passion. The Wella Professionals story began in 1880 with Franz Stroeher, a young German stylist with entrepreneurial spirit and a great deal of hair passion. His desire to learn as much as he wore through the great fashion centers in Europe, where he found his inspiration to produce the first products. These are the foundations for Wella Professionals.

  • KOLESTON PERFECT is known to be truly PERFECT, with intense and vibrant color results and a unique palette of blond, natural, brownish, reddish and mix-tone shades designed to free the stylists’ creativity.
  • Powerful opening (up to 5 steps) but delicate with hair, thanks to Triluxiv technology Rich,
  • Vibrant colors for an expressive look
  • Over 100 shades grouped in 6 color families
  • Up to 100% white coat coverage
  • You can achieve tune tone, close or open tone with up to 5 steps Uniform color from roots to peaks
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